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Maybe this is your first time having a breastscreen or you have been before but have not maintained your two yearly breastscreen.

Either way, making an appointment today with BreastScreen Queensland is a positive step in the right direction and is now convenient to do anytime of the day or night with our online booking system.

A breastscreen, or screening mammogram, is an x-ray that can pick up small changes in the breast tissue.

As there is currently no means of preventing breast cancer, the focus is on reducing deaths by finding cancer as early as possible to maximise treatment options.

Having regular, two yearly breastscreens is the most effective way to detect breast cancer early or reassure you that your breast health is okay.

For more information to help you choose whether or not you take part in the BreastScreen Australia Program, click on BreastScreen and You

Last reviewed 13 June 2018 Last updated 15 June 2018

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