Gloria's story


“If your health is important to you, you'll find the time to have a breastscreen.”

Having a breastscreen is one of those important things to do in life. I've been having them for as long as I can remember. Well, probably since I turned 50 and I'm 72 now. It's something that gives me a feeling of security. If something ever shows up, it means it has been caught quickly and if you've been given the all clear, then isn't that great to know.

I also like that it's not just up to me to check by self examination. I don't know what I'm looking for! After you've had a few children your breasts feel a bit lumpy and bumpy anyway.

I don't buy into the ‘if I get screened, I'll get it' (breast cancer). That's old fashioned thinking. You have to look at it differently, see having a breastscreen as being a good thing. Yes, it's a little bit uncomfortable but it's over quickly. Holding your breath helps. I find every time is different and sometimes it seems I'm more ‘squashed' than others. But you go for the same reason as going to the dentist: you do it to stay healthy and at times that means you have you put up with a little discomfort.

My parents died when I was young so I've never been sure of our family history in relation to breast cancer. I have three daughters and I think it's good they see that I have regular breastscreens and also know everything has been good to date. I've kept my breastscreen up to date over the years but I admit that I do rely on the letter to remind me it's time for my next appointment.

Where I live, I go to a BreastScreen Queensland mobile service. It's convenient and I think they're good. I feel like I'm getting well looked after and it's very personal.

My health is important to me so I do what I need to, to stay in good health whether that's going to the doctor, having a breastscreen or taking a fish oil capsule each day. I think if your health is important to you, you find the time to have a breastscreen

Last reviewed 13 June 2018 Last updated 15 June 2018

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