Karen's story


“Don't let yourself off the hook - book an appointment now.”

I received my letter from BreastScreen Queensland when I turned 50 offering me a free breastscreen. I didn't really know about BreastScreen Queensland then but I thought I might as well check it out. I am one of those women who finds that it hurts a little bit but overall it was a good experience, and I felt good that I had it done.

Then when it was time to have my breastscreen again and I received my rescreen invitation letter, I didn't do anything. The letter just sat in my handbag until they sent me another reminder. It wasn't that I was worried they would find something bad because I'm actually one of those people who would rather know than not know. Life just gets busy and sometimes you forget about things.

Also, I think having a breastscreen is a bit like having a Pap smear test; it's not something you get excited about and rush out and do. But you have to be careful because it's easy to let yourself off the hook and do nothing. In the end it's something you have to do for yourself. Just ring up straight away and make the appointment!

These days I'm even recruiting friends. I think lots of women put off having a breastscreen because it's the fear of the unknown. I tell my friends all I can about BreastScreen Queensland – about how it's free, how they will be looked after by all women staff and how there is a double-read of the images. It's important to get the message out there.

Last reviewed 13 June 2018 Last updated 15 June 2018

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