Who is eligible

BreastScreen Queensland operates as a "well women's" service, meaning we do not treat women who have breast cancer or who have possible breast cancer symptoms as our focus is on early detection of breast cancer and reducing lifestyle risk factors.

Our screening program is specifically designed to actively encourage women 50 to 74 years to attend as the evidence of screening benefit is strongest in this age group. However, our program also accepts women in their 40s or 75 years and over.

We do not accept women younger than 40 for several important reasons:

  • there is no current evidence that screening mammography is effective in detecting early stages of breast cancer in this age group
  • there are concerns about the effect of regular mammograms on young breast tissue, and
  • young breasts generally have denser tissue which makes it difficult to see breast cancer.

It is important to be aware of the normal look and feel of your breasts. If you find a breast lump, nipple discharge or any breast changes that concern you, please contact your doctor without delay.

Last reviewed 13 June 2018 Last updated 15 June 2018

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